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In recent years software development outsourcing has been highly popular in the best developed countries. This trend isn’t likely to cease which stimulates IT sectors in developing countries of Asia or Eastern Europe. Ukrainian developers work in constant competition with Indian colleagues mainly in terms of price-quality ratio.

Why Indian and Ukrainian developers are in competition?

IT industries in Ukraine and India are developing at an impressive pace. Both countries have enormous talent pools – proportional to the sizes of their populations. Bloomberg Innovation Index reports that Ukraine is 53rd in the world for their technology innovations and adaptations. International IT companies open their branches in Ukraine giving jobs and growth opportunities to highly competent local engineers. As for Ukrainian companies – the top 15 have been included in the list of best 100 outsourcing providers globally. India, Ukraine’s main competitor, has up to 3 million of IT professionals. They are trained to provide their services to the global market, with main focus on the English speaking world. Such a rich talent pool exists as a result of many years of intensive development of the sector.

What places Indian and Ukrainian developers in competition is the price and quality of the provided services. Ukrainian companies work according to generally accepted standards in terms of technical implementation and management. While Ukrainian rates are slightly higher than Indian prices, the quality of the final product and general project execution process corresponds to European style of work. India, in its turn, offers lower rates and larger pool, but management and organization of work leave certain gaps.

The Difference

A high percentage of developers in leading world’s companies are Indians. They are usually considered to be valuable and highly competent employees. However we can question the quality of most IT professionals from India and here’s why.
In comparison to “Western” colleagues, Indian developers choose IT without any vocation, but due to its prestige and popularity. IT sphere offers best salaries and comparingly comfortable working conditions. That is why young people often choose to become engineers without any inclination towards this type of work. Hence we have problems with motivation and responsibility which results in the famous “Indian code” and workflow.
Quite oppositely, Ukrainian IT clusters value their talent pool and stimulate constant growth and development. Young people are offered quality education, vast variety of specialties and comfy working conditions in supporting environments. Ukrainian developers receive lots of advice, tutoring and support from their senior colleagues and progress fast in their professional formation. Magnific Soft is also super positive about knowledge sharing and support inside dev teams.

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The main difference between Indian and Ukrainian developers is their attitude to project management and delivery. This fact is noticed by clients across the world and confirmed by Indians themselves. Among the reasons we can name lack of communication skills, specific mentality or “Yes” people in management. The companies don’t really value their talents, since there are always many more to come. The gaps in organization lead to poor delivery in terms of tech specification or deadlines. This does not concert each and every company in India of course. There are lots of competent pros who are serious and motivated. But in Ukraine you will recieve much better services for a resaonable price.

A combination of several factors makes Ukraine very attractive for oursourcing. It’s the competence of developers, affordable prices, European thinking and comfy time zone overlapping with all other countries. Ukrainian developers are very collaborative and follow flexible project management principles. Be prepared to receive alternative suggestions or improvements to your initial project approach. Here in Ukraine we don’t just say “Yes”. We aim to implement your project in an optimal way and using the best solutions.