Why React is an effective framework for your startup?

While technologies are rapidly growing, it is essential to understand – what is better to choose for various tasks, aims, and businesses while planning your website development. In MagnificSoft, we mainly work with React.js, so we concluded to draw the curtain upon this leading technology. Though you can find tons of information on the Internet, we gathered all the most important about React basis, its capabilities, benefits, and reputation. Let’s start from:

What is React.js?

It is an open-source JavaScript library for building websites, specifically used for creating the view layer for web and mobile apps. This technology is vastly sufficient, which means it is perfect for different-scale applications that can alter data without reloading the page. It makes the user experience fast and easy. One of the advantages is that developers can effortlessly combine it with other JS libraries or frameworks (Angular JS and MVC).

Without any hesitation, the appearance of React.js opened a new era in front-end development opportunities. The history will ensure a better perception of the information, so let’s get a sneak peek at the beginning.

How has everything started?

This story is a classy example of how problem-solving works in IT.


2011 was a year of innovations on Facebook, so the number of features was promptly growing. Facebook’s developers faced some delays in code maintenance. As a result, the team became larger and larger, causing extreme retardation of the company. In addition, developers gradually implemented lots of cascading updates, causing new issues. At least, Facebook’s code demanded an urgent upgrade.


Jordan Walke, Facebook’s engineer, started to build something new, that will simplify the process several times – it was the React time. The next ambitious step was in 2012. Facebook bought an Instagram for $1 Billion. It was just a small company with 13 employees, but a great future indeed. Instagram had many abilities to grow using Facebook technologies, which was a powerful motivation for Facebook to put React on the open-source. We don’t know – was it expected or not – but till the end of the year, the library was shared and used widely across the industry.

Two years later, it got new features as the React Developer Tools, added to the Chrome Developer Tools. It was the beginning of stability and, of course, mainstream.

Why do we recommend React for web development?

Mainly, this framework receives all that worldwide love and appreciation because of three immense advantages:

The advantages of React in web development

The library is extra efficient in code writing, easy to read, and perfect for reuse – which means developers do not need to create an already existing bicycle. It is a vital benefit compared to rival libraries.

It is essential when creating user interfaces to have a quick response time, working with a framework allows you to make any application superfast – what you need is know-how.

In the IT field, it is not a crime to use ready-made code – on the contrary, it is perceived as a good skill if you know how to Google a better solution. Working with a custom tech is a trap of regular brainstorming. It is a constant headache for developers, causing an essential impact on customers’ money and time. But in this case, it’s not going to happen. A strong community assures lots of information and answers, which makes this library more accessible and understandable.

How many people use React.js in the world?

MagnificSoft team is used to consolidate words with numbers, so referring to the previously described benefits, we are showing you some data from Statista. The company executed a worldwide survey to see what web frameworks developers mostly use. And it is not surprising that React.js shows up in the first place. This library is used by 40% of software developers worldwide.

A worldwide survey was created by Statista to see what frameworks developers mostly use for web development.


React.js is something unique, called among devs “learn once – execute anywhere and anytime”. Being available for everyone, this library increases the efficiency of web development for businesses and makes the process easier for web developers. Such enterprise-level companies as Imgur, Netflix, Bleacher Report, Feedly, Airbnb, Reddit, SeatGeek, Dropbox, Postmates, and HelloSign know about it and are currently using React. This is a good sign for startups, looking for a point to start from.

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