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What platform to choose for your eCommerce website?

Planning your next eCommerce project is always a challenge. It is crucial to understand that chosen technology directly influences the budget and timeframe necessary to complete it optimally. For every eCommerce website, a properly chosen technology guarantees successful project development.


Why React is an effective framework for your startup?

While technologies are rapidly growing, it is essential to understand – what is better to choose for various tasks, aims, and businesses while planning your website development. In MagnificSoft, we mainly work with React.js, so we concluded to draw the curtain upon this leading technology.

Why is flat-rate pricing expensive for customers?

Why is flat-rate pricing expensive for customers?

Planning your project budget, you get a logical desire to know exactly what you are paying for, how much, and when you will get the job done. It makes sense, especially talking about pre-packaged services or cases with clearly defined deliverables.