WordPress – a superior CMS for building quality content!

In 1995 the digital world witnessed a breakthrough, changing the website development rapidly and effectively till nowadays. We are talking about the first Content Management Systems, created in the 90s by giant corporations to simplify the documentary organization. But after the separation of the Vignette company from CNET, the CMS market became commercial. Later in 2003 the WordPress uprise started a real technical revolution.

What does CMS mean – in simple words?

A Content Management System is a well-respected software for content publishing, being a perfect tool for website owners, content managers, and writers. WordPress is the most popular CMS around the globe.

Earlier, it was a must to know HTML to develop a website or create any content, being pretty challenging. Today, you can manage all those things without any technical knowledge. The top-rated CMS over the whole globe is the WordPress platform, counting over 28 million live websites, what is over 34% of the whole ones.

Kinds of the website you can develop

WP was originally used for blogging, and it was a brand-new breath of fresh air. The revolution in this field showed up the possibilities in any other types of content. As the platform evolved, web developers fell in love with the endless customization and easy-to-use interface. So, as a result, with the right choice of theme and plugins, you can build almost everything. 

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Why WordPress?

The benefits of using a WordPress for content building

Is it costly to create a website using WordPress?

Developing website with WordPress, there is always a choice depending on your needs and capabilities. Small businesses and startups may save lots of money by making a simple rocket with their own hands. Otherwise, for unique websites, the team is a must.

Low budget website

All you need is just $100. Yes, literally. For building a simple landing page or blog on WordPress, you do not need a golden mountain or a dedicated developing team because you can create a website by yourself for a start. 

A domain name typically costs $14.99/year, and web hosting usually costs $7.99/month. Surfing the internet, you can find a variety of ready-made themes and templates for your website. Also, there are some plugins that you should install, but fortunately, all of them are available for free.

Building a custom WP website

You may need a custom website if you want to implement a unique design and specific features that templates don’t include. Therefore, hiring web developers is inevitable. 

You can work with designer, web developer, and agencies depending on the project size and tasks. The price of the custom website will rely on requirements, budget, and the developer’s or agency’s rates.

In any case, if you need a website of any budget, but you want to get started right now, this is a perfect choice. Get acquainted with our case studies and solutions.

Great examples of worldwide famous landings

The New Yorker

This famed magazine has WP CMS for building effective content management and information publishing.

TED Blog

The TED blog is a subdomain of the main Ted.com, which uses WP plugins (e.g. Jetpack plugin since 2014) to provide design, security, and growth at one bunch. However, in June 2020, the blog stopped using Jetpack, choosing other technologies to reach full stats behind the blog.

White House

Using a CMS is a solution for websites that share urgent and crucial information at the political level. White House developers used this technology, relying specifically on these facilities.


jQuery is a JavaScript library. And this might be a bit strange and eye-opening, but programmers developed a jQuery website using WP 4.5.2.


Blender is an exclusive 3D software for a variety of aims, starting from animation and rendering, ending with composing and video editing. This software is remarkable, which makes its website enormously visited – more than 5 million visitors per month. Blender website was developed in Python and WordPress 5.5.

If you want to know how MagnificSoft can develop a website for your business, send us a message, and we will get the conversation started!