Why Ukrainian developers are the best? Discover

Why Ukrainian developers are the best? Discover
  1. Briefly about Ukrainian IT
  2. Time zone
  3. The role of personal qualities
In recent years Ukraine has become a leading provider of software services in Europe. The number of Ukrainian developers and IT industry in general keeps growing every day and offers a great number of professionals specializing in various technologies. Outsourcing your development projects to Ukraine is a wise decision for your business due to several reasons which include manpower, location and style of work. The Ukrainian IT sector is growing fast and a huge number of competent developers are there at your disposal. Every year tens of thousands IT professionals graduate from around 400 educational institutions in Ukraine and local IT clusters readily give their support. Large and small companies are interested in enriching their talent pool and significantly help young professionals. IT courses and programs are widely accessible in universities and schools in addition to the main curriculum. The most popular programming languages in 2020 in Ukraine are:
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • PHP
Because of the high quality of education there is NO such phenomenon as “Ukrainian code” – which may be a fair term referring to some other countries – and the way they build software in Ukraine corresponds to world standards and best coding practices. You can be absolutely sure that your product is going to be clean and scalable. The Ukrainian IT sector is one of a kind in the country. It is relatively new in comparison to other industry spheres. As a result, the IT sphere is not completely controlled by the government at present, and some aspects of its regulation are not clearly documented in the legislation. Because of simplified taxes and a number of other factors software development companies can choose their directions on their own and mainly target the EU and the US market. Ukrainians have established strong partnerships with major IT-oriented countries and the best Ukrainian startups are recognized all over the world. Some of the most famous Ukrainian startups:
  • Jooble
  • Git Lab
  • CleanMyMac
  • Grammarly
  • Preply
One of the things that make Ukrainian developers so appreciated on the international market is their accessibility and it has to do with the time zone. As an employer, you expect to receive the best quality services and good prompt communication. Ukraine’s time zone allows for comfortable cooperation during EU business hours. There is also an overlap with the US and Australia which allows Ukrainian companies to expand their target market and efficiently work for clients from far abroad. In certain cases location is crucial when it comes to urgent project discussion, explanation of tasks or quick pre-project briefings. Being located in the same time zone is also important to better meet deadlines and avoid unreasonable delays. There is no need to adjust working hours or struggle scheduling overtime meetings, so both parties can work at their comfortable pace and concentrate on their agenda. Another factor that distinguishes Ukrainian developers from their direct competitors is the style of work and attitude. Being Western orientated, Ukrainians have the ability to see projects from the client’s perspective and thus understand what deliverables are expected from them. Most of the Ukrainian companies offer full-stack services and are willing to become your one-stop shop for all design and development tasks, as well as future support and maintenance. See what services we offer at Magnific Soft. Ukrainian developers possess a number of non-tech qualities that are much appreciated by major IT services consumers in Europe, the US and Australia. These qualities allow building warmer relations with clients – compared to developers from countries where cultural differences and mentality are quite different. Among the most valued features are:
  • Collaborative attitude
  • Soft skills
  • Culture
  • Flexibility
  • Responsibility
Thorough planning, respect to deadlines and various project execution styles place Ukrainian developers among the best professionals in the world’s IT community. The fact that the rates are very affordable makes it even more desirable to hire Ukrainian developers. And it is highly appreciated in Ukraine to be trusted by world leaders and to be able to work on amazing projects outsourced to our great professionals. Here in Magnific Soft we also contribute and work every day to deliver best quality services and support from our dear clients from around the world.